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We use the power of the Community IQ ® to continuously adapt and alert from the shared and anonymized data. Cyclists can easily compare their current status and recommended actions against other similar cyclists, riding habits and components. Stores can better understand the performance of their clients equipment, when service is due or new components are required.

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For Cyclists

Personalized Service and Maintenance Alerts

Receive your personalized service alerts for bikes and components based on personal riding history

Preventive Maintenance

Protect your investment with relevant, regular and preventive maintenance notifications and upcoming service recommendations.

Store Affiliations

Affiliated with one of our participating stores? Book directly your service appointments, reduce the time your bike is in service and get access to relevant sales and promotions.

Access to Pro Advise

Get direct advise from the store Pro and other industry experts.

For Stores

Virtually expands every bike store to support the new reality

Increase store service revenue with just on time personalized service and maintenance

Aligne store inventory with your clients needs and brands

Increase clients loyalty with an automated an service model and dedicated sales channel